Friday, May 31, 2013

NYX Round Lipstick Reviews: Chaos, Electra, Eros, Femme, Fig and Frappucino

The last haul of NYX included these 6 lipsticks - I wanted a mix of red (chaos, electra, eros), coral (femme), pink (fig) and nude (frappucino).

These lipsticks retail for $4 USD on the NYX website, but you can get them cheaper if you hunt around on the web. I get all my NYX cosmetics from Joy's cosmetics on Ebay, she has great prices and has never gotten an order wrong from me. I ordered a lot of 6 NYX Round Lipsticks for under $14 USD which is a total steal!

See the swatches after the jump!

Quite highly pigmented, one swipe is enough to cover the lips opaquely. All the colours I purchased here were very opaque but some round lipsticks are far more sheer! If you're choosing colours other than the ones I have reviewed here, make sure you google around for blogger reviews to double-check what the pigmentation is like.

Swatches from one swipe of the lippy!

Texture & application
Smooth, creamy moisturising texture. Applies smoothly, so smoothly I have to be careful not to apply it too haphazardly fast or I end up drawing outside my lip line accidentally. Which I did below with Eros.

NYX Round lipsticks wear off easily over a day and wouldn't stay on during a meal, it's super cheap lipstick so keep some in your bag with a little mirror to keep reapplying. These have pretty poor staying power compared with top end brands like MAC and Illamasqua, but those lipsticks cost ~ ten times as much! I've found that NYX round lipsticks do not stain your lips, which can be a pro (easy to remove) or a con (requires more re-application).

  • Frappucino - Nude. The perfect nude lip for me, but slightly more brown than my natural lip.
  • Fig - Blue-toned pastel pink. Would be good with pink blush for a cute look!
  • Femme - Eye-popping pink-coral. Not quite right for my skin colouring but could work with a bronzed look.
  • Eros - Bright, very close to true red but warm, toward orange-red.
  • Electra - Bright true red. Would make a versatile statement lip, should suit almost anyone.
  • Chaos - Bright berry red (cool / blue-toned). Has been my favourite NYX lipstick for a long time. Lost it, so I was re-buying. Whenever I wear this, I always get compliments and questions about where to buy it! 

Note: There's very little difference between the red lipsticks Eros, Electra and Chaos however, depending on the outfit I am wearing, one may match better. More warm-toned outfits would match with Eros better. More cool-toned outfits would match with Chaos better. Electra should go with either!

Tip for purchasing lipstick online
Before I buy any lipstick online, I ALWAYS google for swatches of the lipsticks on beauty blogs. I usually google the brand of lipstick + name of the lipstick + "review" + "asian", because I want to see what it looks like on a girl who has similar colouring to me. This is especially important for purchases like NYX Lipsticks where there are no counters to try them on in Australia.

Which NYX lipsticks do you like best out of this lot?
Do you own any NYX round lipsticks you'd recommend? :)

♥ Sabrina / Rose

P.S.: The last huge order I did from Joy's cosmetics included these lipsticks, 2 blushes and a highlighter and I got sent a free lip gloss! I don't usually buy glosses so I was super excited to get one. Here's the one I received, NYX lip gloss in True Red (no lipstick underneath):

"True Red" is actually a little blue toned!

Would look great over NYX Round lipstick Chaos, if I wanted some extra shine!

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